Welcome to Trentalange Recruiting

Trentalange Recruiting is a boutique executive search firm with offices in Hartford, Connecticut and Middletown, New Jersey specializing in sales leadership and engineering recruiting with a focus on software, finance, medical device, material handling, logistics and chemical industries. Our clients range from startups to Fortune 50 companies. The positions we have experience with range from the executive suite to front line sales team. With more than 30 years experience filling and holding these positions, we have a unique perspective to offer our clients and candidates.

Current Openings

We currently have openings in the medical device sales and systems, logistics, environmental engineering, and chemistry industries.

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What We Do Well

Trentalange Recruiting saves hiring managers time.

Having been on both sides of the hiring process, we know and understand the incredible time and effort that goes into each professional hire. Unlike some professional search agencies, Trentalange Recruiting does not simply strive to fill interview slots. We listen carefully to the needs each hiring manager and then go looking for that manager's ideal candidate.

Each search is an individual process focused solely on the hiring manager's needs. We typically present only two to three highly qualified applicants for each opening. All have been carefully screened in a multitude of areas, from professional background to attitude and experience. Using a variety of sophisticated screening techniques, we are able to ascertain the true attributes a candidate brings to a position rather than simply learning the public face the candidate wears.

This system saves the hiring managers and human resources teams that we work with considerable time and results in highly qualified, appreciative, and dedicated new hires.